Javier Mascherano doesn’t think that Neymar should be Punished

Javier Mascherano doesn’t think that Neymar deserves to be handed the harshest of the punishments for his actions during the Liga game at La Rosaleda the previous Saturday.

Neymar had tried to make fun of the officials by clapping at one of their decisions which went against Barcelona and it didn’t please the referee in charge who immediately gave marching orders to the winger.

Now it is suspected that Neymar may have to miss as many as 3 matches as a result of that red card, but, according to Mascherano, it would be unfair to Neymar if that turns out to be the case.

Mascherano says that he can recall quite a few incidents of the past where the behaviour of the player was similar, but, he had to serve the suspension for just a solitary game. So, there is no reason why Neymar should be handed a bigger punishment than that.

Also Mascherano refuses to blame Neymar for behaving in that manner citing that when a player is in heat of the battle and a marginal decision goes against him, he feels bitterly disappointed and that disappointment can lead to such type of behaviour.

When people are sitting in the air conditioned room and watching the game from there, they obviously think that the players shouldn’t give aggressive or sarcastic reaction to the officials no matter what, but, it’s pretty different when you are on the pitch.

Mascherano admits that it was a mistake on part of Neymar, but, in his opinion, every player has made mistakes like that in his career and Neymar is not the first in that regard.

So, from a player’s perspective, one can understand that it’s normal, but, obviously, Neymar would like to take a lesson from it.