Is Jose the special one

There is little dispute that Jose Mourinho is one of the world’s top football managers; certainly if the level of demand that a person is in constitutes an accurate reflection of their professional worth, then Mourinho.

Mourinho’s record as a manager is a formidable one – it’s just that he is not the only manager currently operating to have a record of similar pedigree. In terms of achieving the highest possible domestic and European success, Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola have both unquestionably achieved every bit as much as Mourinho has.

This would seem to suggest that the title is misplaced and that Mourinho is just one of several top quality managers. Certainly he is not the only very good manager in football right now, but arguably there are some qualities which still set Mourinho apart from others.

Mourinho seems to be a tipped for every major club that needs a manager by betting and casino sites alike, many of which offer great games. He clearly has a healthy ego and any consideration of whether he is worthy of the title ‘the special one’ should bear in mind that he actually gave himself this moniker – rather than it being bestowed on him by anyone else.

To start with there is the fact that he has achieved such a high level of success with a number of different clubs – including some which were never associated with that kind of success. For example, Porto – although they have been dominant in Portugal since Mourinho – never enjoyed that kind of status before then. By comparison, both Ferguson and Guardiola have achieved their success at single ‘big’ clubs, where such levels of achievement are expected.

Another point to consider is the level of tactical nous displayed by Mourinho – especially in overcoming a rampant Barcelona side on the way to winning the Champions League with Inter Milan. Factor in the astonishing degree of loyalty he inspires in his players, and it can be argued that Mourinho fully deserves the title ‘the special one’.