Javier Mascherano has lambasted one of the former members of the support staff of the Argentine senior team.

Carlos Dibos had recently stated that Mascherano along with some of his buddies has created a lobby in the Albiceleste camp and that lobby tries to stamp its authority on the team.

Dibos had also revealed that those few players who are part of the lobby don’t care about any protocols at all that the team management sets.

Mascherano didn’t like that nonsense from Dibos and rubbished his remarks through a social media website yesterday terming the existence of individuals like him in the game as an absolute shame.

As per Mascherano, there is complete freedom to everyone to criticize his game. He has no problem with that at all. He can take it any day. But, what he can’t take is people putting question marks over his character. One of the things that has made him a fan's favourite at Barcelona has been his passion for the game - with tickets for matches now sold out withing minutes, even on platforms such as - and it seems that passion doesn't stop when he leaves the pitch!

Nobody has got the right to speak baseless thing about his character and it’s so unfortunate that such statements have come out of someone who was there in the Argentine locker room with him and whom he had a long professional relationship with.

Mascherano gave himself a clean chit saying that never ever in his life has he ever intended to put any sort of pressure on the manager through lobbying. He has just not been involved in any lobbying at all wherever he has played.

Out of all the Argentinean players who are active right now, nobody has played more international games than Mascherano. He has more than one hundred and thirty caps at the moment and he is still in contention for the national squad. If he plays for a couple of more seasons which he can as he is only 32, he may become the first Argentinean player to earn more than 150 international caps.