According to Edgardo Bauza, because Lionel Messi is the player the opposition teams feel the most threatened by while playing Argentina, they put extra attention on him and a couple of players always try to keep him surrounded which means his teammates get a bit of freedom and that they should take advantage of.

Ten weeks back, having remained inches away from Copa America trophy, Messi had hung up his Argentina kit out of anger and grief, but, the bizarre decision always had to be reconsidered at some point and the reconsideration resulted in an overturn with the legend agreeing to serve his country for a bit longer.

However, there are doubts over him taking the pitch the day after tomorrow versus Uruguay as he has arrived to his national camp with a slightly dodgy hammy.

Bauza, who has been instrumental in making Messi recommit for Argentina, has, however, given all the assurances from his side that his biggest asset would be handled with care and would be in the line-up come Friday. Whilst he said he wouldn't like to bet on different sports, he knows his football, and could guarantee that Messi would have a significant part to play.

The Albiceleste defender of the eighties was quoted saying today, “Leo is fine, nothing worrisome at all. He will be looked after properly and I am almost certain about him making the eleven.”

“There is always an advantage for us when Leo is out there because he can get into various positions and can do the opponents a lot of harm , but, due to him being that dangerous, he will never be left alone. More than a couple of defenders will be close to him to prevent any move he might make and I believe that is something which can be exploited by other strikers because if the defenders’ attention is on Leo, other strikers might have enough room.”