Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano has said that he expects new manager Tito Villanova to continue the good work done by Guardiola in the last four years at the club. The former Barcelona captain changed the way Barcelona play and has been regarded as one of the greatest coaches in the world football.

He recently announced his decision to leave Barcelona after four years in charge due to the extraordinary pressure that he has been subjected to in this time. Barcelona immediately announced that his assistant manager Tito Villanova will be taking over from Guardiola. The assistant manager recently signed a two-year deal with the club.

There have been a lot of question marks regarding the style of play that will be used by Tito Villanova. However, midfielder Javier Mascherano, who has risen to prominence in the Barcelona team after arriving at the club for £ 24 million from Liverpool, has said that he expects Villanova to continue the same legacy that has been started by Guardiola. Villanova himself has admitted that he does not want to make too many changes to the way Barcelona play due to the fact that it is already the best system in the world.

"I think that obviously the person who's responsible for this is Guardiola. But, behind Guardiola you have people doing a great job like Tito. Now he gets to take over the team and what they've done over the past four years keeps going for a longer time,” said Javier Mascherano at a recent press conference. Villanova has admitted that it is great pressure to him in order to follow a manager like Guardiola, who has managed to lift 16 trophies with the club in the last four years. Even though it would be difficult to achieve the feat again, Villanova would like to do it.